Use roofing pavers to increase usable space

In many instances, walkable roofing surfaces actually make flat roofs and decks more sustainable and energy-efficient in addition to making them useable.

What is it?

In order to be considered safe, a walkable roof surface has to be level, sturdy enough to support the necessary weight, and compliant with local construction requirements for walls or railings surrounding the walkable area. Although walkable flat roofs are common on industrial buildings, they are often only utilized for HVAC access and maintenance purposes. Walkable roof surfaces in residential buildings can include flat rooftops as well as porches or balconies.

Which materials are suitable for walkable roofs?

Pavers made of composite roofing are a long-lasting and appealing choice for roofs with heavy traffic. Rubber is typically used to make roofing pavers, and in many instances, recycled materials make up almost the whole product. They are therefore a sustainable choice. They are also a sustainable alternative because of their long lifespan—up to 50 years—which further reduces waste.

How are rubberized pavers made?

It's imperative to work with a roofing contractor skilled in rubber pavers if you want to build a walkable roof out of them. They may discuss with you if the questioned roof surface is in fact code compliant and weight bearing. They will also be knowledgeable about the finest ways to install these pavers' base in order to accomplish appropriate drainage. A roof typically comprises of wood sheathing covered with a membrane roofing material made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), followed by a roof drain mat and pavers installed on top.

How eco-friendly are rubber pavers?

The majority of walkable roofs are constructed with white TPO, which reflects heat and light and creates an extremely efficient roofing system. Furthermore, the weight of the rubber pavers is just 35% that of standard concrete pavers. These pavers have a 20-year guarantee and are available in five different colors to suit your style and demands. Walkable roof surfaces with well-draining roof pavers are a great spot to start a rooftop garden for a lot of companies and households. In this situation, plants may flourish in full sun without having to worry about weeds or taking up valuable yard space.